Single page bootstrap website templates are very popular and it is very easy to use. It also looks very attractive. It doesn't take much time to set up a single-page website template. With the help of the single-page website template, you can place all your details on a single page. So it will help a lot for your visitors to view all the contents in a single page. Your visitors don’t miss any of your details. Now the single-page websites also support SEO. So  you don't fear about that 

All our single-page website templates are designed with the most advanced bootstrap framework. So it very easy to change the content of the website using the bootstrap framework and more importantly we use SCSS to create most of our style sheet. If you know SCSS you can change the style of the website in no matter of time. All the coding is neatly aligned and documented. We also provide support to customize the templates.

1, Free product launch single-page HTML website template

This is one of the simple and easy to use free single-page HTML website template. If you need a single-page website to showcase your product this template will surely help you. It has all the features needed to display the product and its features. You can use these features to perfectly place your product and all of its features. Like all other templates, it is also designed with Bootstrap in which template will mainly help for someone who looking for a website to showcase a web app or any other web-related projects. It has all the features needed to display the features of a web app. It has some cool features such as an attractive price tag demo request form. You can use all the features to make your job easy and comfortable. If you think it will help someone you know don't forget to share it. More details about this free template please view the demo

2, Single-page software landing page website template

A single page software landing page website template is one of the best landing page templates website templates for companies to create a landing page for their software products. It looks very attractive by using this free template. You can create multiple landing pages for your software product. This template is designed with the current web designing trend. So this template provides very good features and keeps your visitors happy. You can use this template for any type of software products such as desktop application, mobile apps, ERP software, web portals, marketing software, web portals, editing, editing software, editing software, multimedia software, etc..As a startup you don't have much to spend for a website. So you simply download this template and create a website now

3, Free Bootstrap Web app Landing Page

Web App Landing Page website template is designed to help small business startups to grow their business. We know that small startups and small business owners, also students who create their own web applications don't like to spend most of the money to create an attractive website for their web application. Keeping this in mind creates a suitable solution for them to create a website for free with all the features. If you also want any additional features to this free bootstrap template we can also do it for you. Feel free to contact us, if you still have trouble to find the best hosting packages we also help you to find the best one for your website. We also provide payment gateway integration services you can contact us for any related services for your website

4, Mobile Products Landing Page Template

This template is designed to sell mobile phones online. With the help of this template, you can use all features and create an offer for a particular product to boost the sales of a particular mobile product. You can create a landing page for the product with the help of the free product landing page website template. This is a single page template designed with bootstrap. This template has the component to display your products and also you can display the key features of your products. This is one of the most advanced mobile single page website template available for free. It also has a cool gallery to display all the images of the particular product and also you can display the accessories of the product. You can display any type of mobile product in this template. We can also provide hosting and customization services.

5, Bootstrap App Landing Page Website Template

The app landing page website template has a huge demand in the market. Today lot of developers looking for a suitable website to display their website in the past few years the demand for mobile app landing page increases because of the new mobile app releasing day by day in the Google play store and Apple Store. Most of the apps don't have a landing page. Still, your app doesn't have a landing page hurry up and create a landing page to increase the download rate of your app with the help of this single-page bootstrap website template. It is very easy to display your app features to your targeted audience. This free app landing page website template is very easy to set up. You can download this free website template and use it to create your website. This single page template is completely free no hidden charges apply

6, Bootstrap Profile Website Template

Now in the current world, the website is everything, and now everybody is looking for a website for their personal use. For this, we come with a handy solution for someone looking to create their online presence by creating a profile website. This free profile template supports professionals from all industries. For example bankers, IT peoples, Freelancers, Doctors, Auditors, etc.. today in the digital world you can easily share your profile with anyone without any difficulty. By simply sharing a link to anyone your profile is ready. It is very easy to create an attractive profile page website with the help of this free awesome website template. You can create any number of websites by browsing our other free profile pages. Websites here we have attached the link of other free profile website templates too

7, Free HTML Freelancer Template

Having an awesome website to present their profile, portfolio, Experience, Services, Testimonial, etc.. is very essential for a freelancer. If you are a freelancer and you don’t have an attractive website to display your profile this single-page bootstrap website will surely help you do that. With the help of this free template, you can create a perfect template today to create a website with this template you don’t need any ones to help. With very little basic knowledge you can create a website for your personal profile. This free template has all the features need for a freelancing website. You can place attractive images to impress visitors. You can also display all the services and your portfolio on this website. Most of the clients want to view your portfolio before starting a new project. So this will help you to do that. You also neatly display your experience and your educational detail to impress your visitors and get more project from your visitors, if you need any help feel free to contact us

8, Free Single page medical website template

A single-page Website template is one of the best and easy setups medical templates. You can post this website template without any difficulty. Free website template from just change the dummy content with your original content with the help of any simple text editor such as Notepad ++, sublime or even you can do it with notepad. Do it without much effort, because this is a single-page website template. All the information is neatly aligned on a single page so it is very easy to read all the contents. I am sure that your visitors will never miss any of your key information. You can use this template to create any type of medical websites. For eg Pedoitary hospital, General Medical center, etc.. If you don’t know how to edit a setup this template feel free to contact us. We are here to help you. Download this template and create your website today,

9, Data Entry Free Single Page Website Template

Today in the fast going IT world, it is more essential to having a website to impress your clients and get new clients. You can also take your presence, your experience, your portfolio, your team, your packages to the world by having a website for your business. You still don’t have a website for your data entry business that creates one today. We know that creating a website is not a simple task. It took a lot of time and money. We are here with a solution to create an awesome website for free. You can simply download this free single page data entry website from and create your own website without wasting your time and money. You can also modify these templates too. With our neat coding structure, you can do it simply. If you still looking for a more premium website with a lot of dynamic features we have various packages to do it for you within your budget. You can contact us anytime. You can view our contact information by clicking the below link.

10, School Landing page free website template

In the fast-growing technology world, the education industry also has gone to the next level to take your school business. It is essential to have a website for the school to publish student admission details and to publish the exam results. It is very essential to have a website for your school. This is a single-page Bootstrap website template with all the essential features you looking for launching a school website template. With the help of this website template, you can display all the important updates about your school. You can also publish the latest news, upcoming information, exam timetable special events, exam result date, etc. This template also has a gallery, In the gallery, you can update images form all the activities happen in your school such as cultural, school day, excursion, study tour, sports day, college day, etc.. if you want o list the faculties of you school in your website this template also has an option to do that

11, Course Landing Page Free Bootstrap Template

A lot of new courses are launched day by day to take your course to your target audient you need a website you can also get inquiries and feedback about your course from your customers with the help of website today there is a lot of options to sell your course digitally to worldwide you can simply create a payment link and sell you course worldwide. Our free landing page website template has all the options to create a course landing page for your website if you want to collect payment international from your website nowadays it is very easy to do that by simply creating a payment link or payment button if need help to create a payment option for your website we can do it for you in a simple affordable cost you can contact us any time we are here to help you

12, Free Product Card Website Template

This is a simple product card website template. This template is mainly designed for someone who wants an awesome design for an existing website or for someone who needs a new page to display their product. You can easily use this template for free. In this page, we neatly design a product card. This template is a perfect fit for any type of electronic products website template you can download and use this template to display any number of products for free you can also sell any of you products with the template you simply need to display your product and share it with any of your networks so it will help you a lot to promote your product and the good news is this template is completely free to use there is no hidden charge

13, Free Blood Donation Charity Website Template

A lot of people are ready to donate blood but to find the right donate is a very difficult lot of charitable organizations help to find the right doners and save a lot of life we are also put our efforts to help them a little bit by creating a free website template for blood donation charity website template any Charitable organizations looking for a website can use this free template to create a website and help more peoples to find the right doner. This free template is fully designed with bootstrap 4 so if you want to edit blood donation website template you can do it with the help of big documentation provided by bootstrap and also a lot of online communities out there to help bootstrap developers so if you need help to edit this template you can find it easily if you still cont find any support we are here to help you

14, Free Office Space Website Template

Most of the people now looking for working space for their business in top cities to afford a big office with all the features is not possible for all businesses and freelances so working spaces play a major role. Today a lot of working spaces grow rapidly you can sell your working spaces online with the help of this single page working space website template. It has a lot of features to do that you can get online booking for your business space and also you can place the detail images of your working space it help he, buyers, a lot to know more information about the working space it is more important to display all the facilities available in your office space that will attract more peoples to true office space and increase your business download this free template and start your business today

15, Free Consultant Website Template

Every consultant want to get proper communication with their customers so they need a proper communication channel to get in touch with their existing customer and everybody need new customers and boost their business to get connected with the customer’s worldwide website is very essential for that we provide an awesome website template for you to create a website for free. Yes this website is completely free to download you can use this to create your own website and also this website specially designed for consultants so we hope it will cover all of your requirements you just do is buy and domain and hosting and host it now your website is life within minutes

16, Free Single Page investor Website Template

A lot of startups looking for a proper investment for their business. Investment companies and investors need a proper website to display their information to the world so we come with a free template for someone who really looking for a free website template for their business or personal use both business institutes and individual investors can use this template for their business and personal purpose if you need more premium looking and most advanced website we have an expert team to create an awesome website for your investment company we have a lot of information in Webdesign and development we are sure about that we can able to create more attractive website high-quality word standard website for you we are available 24 x 7 you can contact us any time with your requirement

17, Free Single Page Medical Lab Website Template

Free Single page medical lab website template is a free medical lab website template this free template is very helpful to create a website for medical laboratories. We know that medical laboratories just need a simple layout to just display their information on the web so we come with the single page solution single page websites are very easy to use you don’t need any technical knowledge to host this free website template you can do it with the help any simple text editor this template has an embedded map fo people can easily find your location and with the help of the contact for they will send the enquires and feedback to your email that will surely help you to increase your business

18, Fresher Resume HTML Website Template

A resume is a key to get a new job especially freshers will need a perfect resume to get their dream job if you want to impress more with your resume you create a perfect resume website now. It is free to get an attractive resume for the freshers you can view the demo of this fresher resume HTML website template from this free HTML Website template is specially designed for freshers so it has all the field a fresher need to create a website you can replace the data with your data and your website is ready if you need to change the style of the website you can also easily do it with the help of SCSS. If you want to add more fields or want to customize the template it also easily do with the help of Bootstrap yes this HTML template is designed with bootstrap so you can easily customize it if you need any help for the customization of the template or host this template feel free to contact us we will help you to do that

Top 18 bootstrap single-page website templates from all the websites listed here are designed with bootstrap 4 and more importantly, all the templates are free to download. You can use these free templates to create an awesome website for your business or personal use.