Key Features


User Friendly

Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle GEMS. The whole software is based on simplicity itself.

Mobile Friendly

GEMS has been developed to work really well with mobile phones. This means you can make use of this software without facing any kind of restriction

Web Based System

You should be able to use this software from anywhere with the help of a browser. They are very smart, powerful and very easy to use.

Advance Library

A simple yet powerful library management system within the library management system every one can view the soft copy of the book.


SMS & E-mail

No school today? Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text messages direct to parents/student/staff whenever you need to.


Yotrak combines the look and feel of a traditional grade book with the advantages of instantly calculating final displaying points.


You now helps the school to publish student result in a number of formats. You can choose your school format or go with CCE format.

Daily Updates

Yotrak helps you to keep the results updated and provide information to parent on daily basis. This results in the reputation of the school.

About Us

Yotrak School Management System is a complete school management software designed to automate a school’s diverse operations, from student profiles, teacher profiles, classes, and exams to a calendar of school events. This school software has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers, and students together on a common interactive platform.

Our exceptional academic, administrative, finance and alumni development management products free you to access, organize, manage and share information quickly, efficiently and accurately. And because these products work off the same database, they can be used as standalone solutions, or can easily be integrated to create an all-encompassing MIS suite. Through our expert teams, user groups and regular customer networking and feedback sessions, we continue to put schools' needs at the centre of our thinking.

Yotrak is a School Scheduling Software that makes the tedious task of creating and regenerating timetables easy and fast. Helping you to optimally use resources, this timetable management software makes it simple for you to plan and generate timetable based on availability of teachers, class rooms, capacity and rules applicable for each class. It even takes care of substitute teacher preferences.

We have clear management processes that ensure technical product excellence is matched by a highly professional and coordinated service approach. You’ll find our teams are characterized by their responsiveness and openness to new ideas

Our Services

  •      Online end to end campus management solution
  •      MIS based web application software
  •     Brings Parents, Teachers and Management on common interactive platform
  •      Reduce admin cost and paper work by 60 percent
  •      Data conversion into various formats
  •      Multiple Campus Management
  •      Cost Effective Solution for total management
  •      Hundreds of Automated and Quick report generation.
  •      User friendly interface requiring minimal IT skills
  •      Centrally stored information with Zero redundancy
  •      Real time monitoring of Student’s Academic Performance
  •      Students Fee / Payment monitoring and management
  •      Up-to-date monitoring of Faculty performance, Syllabus coverage
  •      Certificates Collections and Management
  •      Certificate and profile images uploading facility
  •     Single click mail / messaging for Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff
  •      Hundreds of Statistics for performance Assessment for the Management
  •      Pre-set and Authenticated Access to data
  •      24/7 accessibility from across the globe

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